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Romos commune – tourist attraction




TopRomos commune – tourist attractions

The Romos commune has the advantage of being neighbored by quite established tourist areas, such as Geoagiu Băi – the balneary resort, the Dacian fortresses located in the Orăștie Mountains, or Aurel Vlaicu’s Memorial House, located In the town with the same name. However, its own tourism potential is also valuable and attractive.

  • Buildings and places declared historical monuments (details)
  • Traces of Neolithic settlements (details)
  • Cioaca Grădiștei (details)
  • The Cetățuia Hill  (details)
  • The Turkey’s Ditch (or the Turkey’s Creek): (details)
  • The place called „La Zleamăn”, on the Monk’s Hill (details)
  • The Evangelical Parsonage and The Orthodox Church (details)
  • Saxon hall (details)
  • The Orthodox Church (details)
  • The Vaida Abbey’s ruins (details)
  • The Spirits Distillery (details)
  • Fishery (details)
  • The house and studio of Aurel Nedel, the painter (details)
  • The Romoșelului Valley (details)
  • The mountain villages (details)
  • The ski slope (details)