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Other types of tourism
Ethnographic Tourism

  • On the Romoșel’s Valley, beyond the Romoșel village (part of the Romos commune) there is a beautiful landscape, specific of an entry, on a stream’s valley, into the mountains. Easy access, by a country road, without major level differences.
  • For mountaineers, a trip to the Ciungu Mare village could sound attractive. The 7 km road can be traveled on foot or by off-road automobile, or with a 4×4 drive. From here you can easily get on the Ciungu peak (900 m altitude) or, following longer routes, on Șurianu or Godeanu peaks.
    On the Ciungu Mare village’s territory, on the pasture and forest areas, wonderful belvedere places can be found. On the La Fata cea Bătrână (At the Old Girl) Collin, you can enter the trail (red triangle) that leads from Cugir to the Prislop Cottage. It also is an excellent area for off-road.
  • At Ceru – Băcăinți a wonderful hike can be made, up to Piatra Tomii (Toma’s Stone), the rock from which the whole valley of the Mureș river can be seen. From right under it, The Valea (Valley) brook gushes. The legend says that this is where, long ago, would have been the abode of once a mighty outlaw named Toma and, between him and a local noble’s daughter, called Valea (the Valley), a great love would have been. The whole story, published by Saveta Ițitesc can be found at bibliotecaonline2.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/ititesc_saveta_-_piatra_tomii_-pdf.