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Sibot – historical sites

Other sights:

Sibot – Câmpul Pâinii (the Bread’s Field)




  • In Obrej (toponym which means „small bumps on the field or even on the plain lowland hill” – B. Vulc): archaeological site, on one side and the other of the DN7, discovered at the archaeological discharge for the A1 Arad – Sibiu highway’s construction. A rural Roman habitat was identified (II – III AD.), with an inhabited area, and a funeral and necropolis area. According to other sources, it was a Roman vicus particularly important, given both its extent (28,000 square meters) and its role: it constituted a major craft center, servicing the caravans and military units that were moving between Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, the capital of Roman Dacia, and Apulum (Alba Iulia), where the XIIIth Gemina Legion was cantoned. Following the archaeological investigation, the ruins were covered for conservation and, on top of a part of the settlement, the highway was built.




  • Vila rustica: Vila rustica (The Rustic Villa): in the Băcăinți villages boarder, traces of a Roman rural settlements, probably in relation to that in the Obrej..